Course Outline

Welcome to Finding Calm with Memorability®

At Memorability®, our goal is to help you to develop core brain skills that will help you to cope, heal, and to thrive. Calm is a core brain skill allowing you to think better, feel better, love better, and is essential for finding silver linings. Finding Calm is a 10-week journey with Dr. Kirti Ranchod, designed to help you with practical tools supported by neuroscience.

This is an outline of the next 10 weeks where you will develop the habit of finding calm, every day. There are guided activities with a specific focus. The science and health benefits of these activities are explained in the Neuroscience Capsules. Select activities to practice, explore or develop further for your toolkit.

Course Outline

Week 1: The Beautiful Brain

You have an amazing power to transform. Understand the incredible potential of your brain (and you) to change.

Week 2: Prime your Brain for Calm with Music

Explore the emotional power of music and how to use this to access states of calm.

Week 3: Music and Memory

Understand the link between music and memory and calm.

Week 4: Everyday Relaxation

Discover different relaxation techniques and adopt or adapt what works for you.

Week 5: Lifestyle changes for everyday calm

You’ve tried mindfulness and different relaxation techniques and nothing seems to work. Find out why and what you can do to make what we have learned so far work for you.

Week 6: Reflect, repeat, procrastinate

After 5 weeks, we need time to think about what works, practice a technique we enjoyed or perhaps just procrastinate.

Week 7: Nature and Nurture

Discover different relaxation techniques and adopt or adapt what works for you.

Week 8: Create for Calm

Use simple creative activities to help you to understand yourself better.

Week 9: Love and understanding

Celebrations allow us to appreciate what we have. Celebrate what you have learned. Celebrate the beautiful relationships you have in your life.

Week 10: Celebrate your achievement

In week 10 we will consolidate what we have learned, decide on the 3 strategies we want to explore or develop further and ensure we have inspiration and motivation to continue.

Enjoy the journey.

The Memorability® Team

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