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Dr. Kirti Ranchod is a neurologist, the co-founder and chair of the African Brain Health Network, and Global Atlantic Fellow for Equity in Brain Health. She has served on the board of Alzheimer's South Africa. She has extensive clinical experience in medicine and neurology. Dr. Kirti's interest in brain health developed while exploring ways to prevent dementia and protect memory. In doing this, Dr. Kirti began to appreciate that a healthy memory needs a healthy brain.

Dr. Kirti founded Memorability to make brain health tools accessible, practical and effective. Her goal is to make the latest research practical to reduce the risk of illnesses such as depression, anxiety, stroke or dementia. Her approach emphasises improving or maintaining core brain skills including memory, critical thinking, creativity and calm. Her interests include the role of traditional practices in promoting health, the neuroscience of art, and understanding the different perceptions of memory.

She has completed a project with REMI East Africa in Uganda to support healthcare workers. She has conducted numerous workshops and talks to support brain health including with EY Africa, Hollard, the Atlantic Institute, the Origins Centre (Wits), Standard Bank Art Gallery, and TEDxJohannesburg.

Her work has been featured on the Brain and Brand show with Timothy Maurice (Brain Boosting Tips from a Neurologist; A Neurologist’s Tips for an Elite Brain), the Daily Maverick and Business Day. Publications include Sleep and Brain Health, Chronic stress: Neuroscience and practical coping strategies, Dementia in Africa, and 7 Steps for Igniting the Brain Capital Industrial Strategy.

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