Course Outline

Welcome to Creating Calm with Memorability®

At Memorability®, our goal is to help you to develop core brain skills that will help you to cope, heal, and to thrive. Calm is a core brain skill allowing you to think better, feel better, love better, and is essential for finding silver linings. Finding Calm series is a designed to help you with practical tools supported by neuroscience.

Thank you for beginning your Finding Calm journey with Creating Calm. The focus in on using art and creativity for relaxation or as a tool for mindfulness. You can experience the benefits without having the ability to draw or 'creativity'. Trust the process. Make the time. Enjoy the experience. You will see the benefits.

The Finding Calm series offers you various tools for calm and stress management that includes courses and masterclasses. The series includes the following courses:

  1. Stress & the brain
  2. Prime your brain for calm with music
  3. Nature & Nurture
  4. Creating Calm
  5. Mindfulness & Beyond
  6. Lifestyle habits for calm

Course Outline

Part 1: What is Art

Focusing on the process and not the outcome or perfection or achievement.

Part 2: Changing Perception

Use photography as a mindfulness tool and to shift how you feel.

Part 3: Drawing for Calm

Simple relaxing drawing exercises to help you to feel calm.

Part 4: Exploring your Cultural Capital

Discover different relaxation techniques and adopt or adapt what works for you.

Part 5: Reflect, Repeat, Procrastinate

You’ve tried mindfulness and different relaxation techniques and nothing seems to work. Find out why and what you can do to make what we have learned so far work for you.

Part 6: The Essentials

After 5 weeks, we need time to think about what works, practice a technique we enjoyed or perhaps just procrastinate.

Part 7: Finding Inspiration

Additional resources to support you on this journey.

Part 8: Sharing Wisdom. Creating Community

Use simple creative activities to help you to understand yourself better.

Part 9: Personal Toolkit

Consolidate what you have learned, decide on the one strategy you want to explore further. Understand your WHY and develop your toolkit.

Part 10: Celebrate

In week 10 we will consolidate what we have learned, decide on the 3 strategies we want to explore or develop further and ensure we have inspiration and motivation to continue.

Enjoy the journey.

The Memorability® Team

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