What you will do

This course will help you to understand how to use creativity and art (in different forms) to help you to feel calm. The neuroscience behind why and how music helps will be explained. There will be specific questions for you to answer (in your journal). This will help you to understand what works, what doesn't, what you are curious about, and what you wish to develop or practice further. Here is a brief summary of each:

Neuroscience Capsules

These are capsules of essential neuroscience research designed to be easy to understand, relevant and practical.

Guided Experiences

These are activities that will help you understand stress and calm and what works for you and what doesn’t.

Personal Reflections Questions

This is a series of questions for you to reflect on, to help you to understand the impact that different activities have on you.

Personal Toolkit

At the end of each week, you will be encouraged to develop a personalised toolkit of activities to explore or develop further. Why personal? You need to select what matters to you, what helps you, and work on that. There are many, many techniques because not every technique works for everyone. So finding what works just for you is a very important part of the process.

Finding Inspiration

Specific sources of inspiration relevant to the topic and where needed.

Additional Resources

Books, blogs, people, places and more that you can view in your own time if you want to learn more, develop a skill etc.

The Essentials summary

Key points to help you on your journey. While this is provided we highly recommend that you make your own key points so that it relevant to you.

Cultural Capital

Understanding what we have within our traditions, cultures, communities and families that can nurture us.

Strategies for success

Strategies to help you.We want you to enjoy doing this, to understand yourself better and to adopt specific practices that help you to cope, heal and thrive. Make this course work for you.

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