How can this Toolkit for Calm on Busy & High-Demand Days help you?

This toolkit has been carefully designed for those busy days when you can't seem to find time or energy for calm. The tools and strategies provided can be integrated seamlessly into days when you have too much to do and too much to think about.

Effective. Practical.

Tools that you can use right now.

At Memorability we understand that there are days that are just too busy, that sometimes these days turn into weeks or months, and that you need support during this. Support that doesn't require too much effort or thinking from you. Support that is easy to use, to understand, and to practice.
This toolkit give you that support- the tools you need, when you need it most.
It has been designed so that it can fit into your day.

Starting today.

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Tools for Calm
Schedule for Calm

These include RELAX, CREATE, & LISTEN that will take you five minutes or less to complete.

Trouble-Shooting Session

Problem and solution focused with an invitation for you to share your questions and insights.

Key to Success

Preparation is key. Practice is key. This is kept simple & will help you during this stressful period.

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